Founder Torello Comments on Printchip’s Closing

Founder Torello Comments on Printchip’s Closing

Printchip International closed its UK office at the end of 2013 and according to a statement from its official website, customers’ accounts will be taken over by Italy’s Italeco Srl.

Regarding Printchip leaving the market, Marco Torello, the company’s Founder, told Recycling Times, “Printchip was founded by me and Peter White. After Peter White’s passing, I was not able to follow two offices at the same time. So we have decided to optimize sources by moving them to Italeco in Italy.”

Torello revealed, “The Printchip brand is owned 100% by Italeco now.” Also, most of the staff based in the UK will leave, but commercial people will stay. He believes that all Printchip customers will be better served by Italeco’s strong sales team in Italy and Spain.

Further, Torello observed that smart chips will be key to the print consumable industry and all consumables will have a killer chip sooner or later.

Italeco Srl was founded in 1993 and now serves over 1,400 customers worldwide. Torello claims the company is the first manufacturer to release a smart chip solution for Lexmark E320 and T520/620 printers in the market.

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