Ninestar Releases its 2023 ESG Report

Ninestar Releases its 2023 ESG Report

Ninestar Releases its 2023 ESG Report

Ninestar, a leading manufacturer of printers, consumables, and chips, has released its 2023 Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Report. This report details the company’s substantial progress and commitment to sustainable development, social responsibility, and robust governance practices.

Ninestar Releases its 2023 ESG Report

Ninestar’s President, Remond Kong, emphasizes the increasing importance of sustainable development within the business landscape. “We adhere to the principle of high-quality, sustainable development. We have integrated ESG management standards into our corporate strategy in an orderly manner. We are committed to consolidating this foundation responsibly by acting as responsible corporate citizens,” he stated.

Environmental Achievements

To create greener products for everyone, Ninestar has integrated sustainable practices and clean technology into all phases of its product lifecycle, from design and manufacturing to packaging and recycling. In 2023, Ninestar set a bold goal to reduce its carbon emissions by 50% by 2030.

Key environmental achievements in 2023 include:

  • Cartridge Recycling:Ninestar has already recycled over 19.5 million printer cartridges, preventing these materials from ending up in landfills and, in so doing, contributing to a circular economy.
  • Sustainable Packaging:The company used 18,154 tons of recyclable materials, accounting for 76% of all packaging materials. This effort ensures that cartridges are delivered in pristine condition while minimizing environmental impact.
  • Green Packaging Solutions:Ninestar introduced self-developed honeycomb paper bags to replace plastic packaging for certain toner cartridges. This innovation reduces waste and saves storage space and transportation costs, achieving more than 15% in cost savings.
  • Renewable Energy: The installation of 12,000 square meters of solar panels on factory rooftops generated 2.2 million kWh of clean energy in 2023. This supports product manufacturing using renewable energy sources.
  • Water Treatment and Reuse:Ninestar’s water treatment station at the factory park treated approximately 180,000 tons of wastewater during 2023. The treated water is safe for reuse, conserving 1,400 tons of water and significantly reducing water pollution.

Social Contributions 

Ninestar is proud to give back to the community through various support initiatives. One notable project is the redevelopment of a former primary school site into a new nursing home in Tanghe County, Nanyang City, Henan Province, with a donation of CNY 720,000 (US$100,000).

The company has also been part of the “One Hundred Million Ammodendron Trees” program for 10 years. It has donated 29,000 trees to restore vegetation and improve the local environment in the Alxa region in the southern part of the Gobi Desert in central China. Additionally, Ninestar supports education by donating printers to schools in Vojvodina, Serbia, to provide them with a better teaching experience.

Ninestar fosters a positive and lively workplace culture within the company by organizing festive activities and themed birthday parties for employees, ensuring a supportive and engaging environment.

For more information on Ninestar’s ESG initiatives and detailed report, please visit Ninestar’s 2023 Annual Report.



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