Kilider Launches Patented Cartridge for Ricoh KLD Printer

Kilider Launches Patented Cartridge for Ricoh KLD Printer

Kilider Launches Patented Cartridge for Ricoh KLD printerKilider Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Kilider”) has launched a patented toner cartridge, suitable for the Ricoh printer KLD-IM460/460H. The patent of the toner cartridge has been approved by the State Intellectual Property Office of China and granted the invention patent number: ZL20153297229.1.

Kilider technical team precisely avoids the original patent and developed the independent technical structure of the toner at the same time. The toner is designed to provide powder intermittently, spreading powder more evenly onto the developer while avoiding potential shortage caused by jamming.

Kilider imported high-quality toner filling technologies, ensuring consistent printer performance and stable printing quality, which extend the lifespan of the machine. All printed documents are easy to read, with sharp texts, clear graphics and clean blank space.  It can effectively reduce customers’ expenses, and also avoid customers’ concerns about compatible products without infringement on intellectual property rights, which is widely welcomed by the majority of consumers.

  • Product No.: KLD-IM460/460H
  • For use in: Ricoh IM370/370F/460FTL/460F series printer
  • Yield: 9,000/15,400 pages

About Kilider

Jiangxi Kilider as a science and technology enterprise, in increasing investment in research and development and innovation at the same time, also actively cultivate high-tech personnel, the “people-oriented” as the enterprise culture spirit, has been the company attaches great importance to the introduction of talent and equipment, attaches great importance to the product technology innovation and the protection of independent intellectual property rights. The road to innovation is endless, our Kilider company will adhere to the concept of “continuous improvement, continuous innovation”, and continue to provide users with high quality, high performance products. To provide high-quality consumables solutions for our customers around the world.



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