Kilider Launches New Compatible Toner Cartridges for Kyocera Series

Kilider Launches New Compatible Toner Cartridges for Kyocera Series

Kilider launched three meticulously crafted toner cartridges designed specifically for Kyocera A4 color series printers.

“Leveraging the expertise of multiple Kilider departments, our technical team has successfully developed a trio of series that redefine excellence in the printing industry,” said the spokesperson from Kilider.



These toner cartridges boast imported high-quality toner, passing rigorous printing tests for compatibility with original toners. “Our technical team has conducted extensive life tests, ensuring all performance indicators meet and exceed quality standards,” said the spokesperson.

According to Kilider, the product features a new open mold, utilizing a hot runner feeding method to guarantee precision and stability. With the incorporation of new raw materials, Kilider ensures compliance with EU environmental standards.

Continual refinement and testing by Kilider’s technical team have elevated the KLD-TK5370/5380/5405 series to OEM standards, surpassing OEM in terms of product compatibility.

“Filled with imported toner, our cartridges exhibit fine toner particles, uniform powder distribution, stable toner quality, and smooth powder application, ensuring high-quality, clear, and beautiful prints. Kilider’s commitment extends beyond performance, emphasizing smooth machine operation, printing fluency, compatibility, and environmental responsibility, effectively reducing office costs for our valued customers,” added the spokesperson.


About Kilider:

Kilider is a technology-based enterprise dedicated to continuous improvement and innovation. With a commitment to people-oriented corporate culture, the company actively invests in research and development, cultivating high-tech talent to provide high-quality consumables solutions globally.



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