Samsung Releases Three Mobile Printing Solutions

Samsung Electronics South Africa launched three separate, mobile printing solutions which the company claims can make mobile printing simpler. They contain the integration of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology in several new Samsung printers, a mobile printing App for both smartphones and tablets, as well as a built-in “Print” command in the mobile operating system.

Printer and smartphone with NFC technology will connect automatically within close proximity to each other. Callers will be able to print without any additional setup. By using Samsung MobilePrint App, callers can use their mobile devices to print pictures, e-mails, and web pages, as well as documents from Google Docs, PDF files, and Microsoft Office documents. With the built-in printing function, Samsung mobile devices can automatically find a nearby Samsung printer to print files.

Manoj Bhoola, Business Leader for B2B at Samsung Electronics South Africa, said, “Starting with the GALAXY Tab in 2010, we have been simplifying the mobile printing process. Since then, we have been developing a growing variety of solutions that have allowed our customers to wirelessly connect their smartphones and tablets to our printers. Our new solutions have further advanced our mobile printing solutions, and they illustrate our continuing leadership in the mobile printing sector.”

Samsung’s mobile printing solutions can be used in Samsung smartphone models, including GALAXY S4, the GALAXY S II, the GALAXY S III, the GALAXY Note, and the GALAXY Note II. Also, they are available on a range of GALAXY Tab devices.

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