More Funds Spent on Legal Battles than Technical Development

Recycling Times Sponsors Toner Conference

Scores of chemical engineers, toner manufacturers, industry strategists, OEMs and aftermarket business leaders have been told the toner industry is changing.

According to keynote speaker Ms. Tricia Judge—Executive Director of the International Imaging Technology Council (I-ITC)—“Times Have Changed.” She told delegates attending the Annual Toner Conference on June 2-4 in Santa Barbara, California, “The toner industry has matured to a point where more funds are possibly being spent on legal battles and court actions than on technical development.” She also said “At the same time, the influx of counterfeit, compatible, and clone cartridges has threatened the original equipment makers (OEMs) and aftermarket remanufacturers alike.”

The seminar also addressed key issues facing the toner industry, including: the technological battle between inkjet and toner based imaging processes; specialty toners, color toners, bioresins for toner; recent patents, court actions, government regulations; toner plant equipment; chemical toners; colorants, waxes, CCAs and other additives.

Conference Chairman Art Diamond, who has organized and hosted Imaging Materials SeminarsR for 28 years, is also Senior Consulting Editor of Recycling Times Magazine. Recycling Times continues to make every effort to work for the industry and was proud to be media sponsor of the event. Company Director David Gibbons said “The Toner Conference is a strategic industry gathering, and we are very pleased to be a sponsor. We have reported on the outcomes in our magazine, on social media as well as our weekly TV news broadcast.”

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