Kilider Releases New Patented Toner Cartridge

Kilider Releases New Patented Toner Cartridge

Kilider claims it launched a new patented toner cartridge for use in the Ricoh printer KLD-IMC2510 / IMC3510 / IMC6010 series.


To avoid infringing the OEM patents, the Kilider technical team has developed a toner cartridge with its own technical structure. According to Kilider, the patent of the new release has been granted a patent certificate (patent number: 201911189749.4).

It is said that the toner uses a section for powder design, making it more even for toner powders to go through the developer, which in return avoids powder shortage caused by blockage.

According to Kilider, the toner cartridge is filled with imported high-quality toner powder, which enables stable printing quality without damaging machine parts.

“Using the new patented toner cartridges, graphics and texts can be clearly printed, with appropriate density, extremely clean blank area of the document, and strong readability,” said a company spokesperson.

“In addition, it can effectively reduce the customer’s office cost, and also avoid worries about infringing intellectual property rights, and is deeply loved by consumers,” the spokesperson added.

About Kilider

As a high-tech enterprise, Kilider has continuously increased investment in R&D and innovation, while also actively training high-tech talents, taking “people-oriented” as the spirit of enterprise culture, and always paying attention to the recruitment of talents and equipment investment in the company. Kilider attaches great importance to the protection of technological innovation and independent intellectual property rights. “We have passed ISO9001 management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, and our products meet the requirements of safety regulations such as REAH & RoHS, as well as ATMC, SCE, WEEE, and other certifications, we have also been certified as a national high-tech enterprise in 2017,” said the spokesperson.

These certifications have further enhanced the company’s product technology content and core competitiveness. Kilider will continue to provide high-performance products and better consumables solutions for customers all over the world.



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