Kilider Releases New Drum Unit

Kilider Releases New Drum Unit

KiliderAccording to Kilider, the new drum unit, namely KLD-B600, is for use in Xerox printers.

Kilider claims that the product has passed the compatibility test and life test with different toner powder manufacturers.

“Utilizing new technology, the new release is an improvement of the original drum unit, featuring good compatibility and environment-friendliness,” said the spokesperson of Kilider.


By optimizing the precision fit of gears and screws, the KLD-B600 not only improves the rotation efficiency of the drum unit, but also reduces the rotational torque and prolongs the service life of the drum unit.

Kilider also claims that the drum unit is able to ensure high color reproduction smoothly, which is clear and beautiful, without hurting the machine.

Previously, Kilider claimed that its toner cartridge KLD-OKI-C830, was granted a patent certificate (patent No. 202011268017.7) after a review of more than two years by the National Patent Office.

According to Kilider, the KLD-OKI-C830 toner cartridge is for use in OKI MC851MFP/MC861MFP/MC853/873/883/C822/C824n/

C834nw/C844dnw/C810/C830/MC873dn/873dnc/873dnx/C831 OkidataC823dn/C833dn/C843dn/C833n/C843n/C833dnl series, able to print up to 5k/7K/7.3K/8K/10K in color and 5K/7K/7.3K/8K/9.5K/10K/15K in black.



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