New Information Aid for Toner Cartridges Announced

In order to help support COLORCONTROL Replacement Imaging Systems, Static Control announced the launch of the website The company claims the new site can be used as an “informational aid and marketing tool for customers to help share the benefits of COLORCONTROL to distributors and end-users”.

According to the company, visitors to the website can take a comprehensive look at each component and know the importance of developing a consistent system of components.

Bryan Bonacum, Vice President of North American Sales and Global Marketing at Static Control, said: “This website will help our customers share the COLORCONTROL story and how it is different from anything else available. It will help everyone, from owners to someone off the street, to understand the complexities within a toner cartridge and to grasp the depth of knowledge and expertise necessary to develop a full replacement system.”

He opined it was essential for people to understand that what makes this system different than anything offered before is the components were developed together to work together. “Toner cartridges powered by the COLORCONTROL system allow remanufacturers to offer a premium remanufactured cartridge that can satisfy the most demanding of colour customers, those that currently purchase the OEM cartridges, such as HP and Canon,” said Bryan.

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