MSE Expands, Strengthens Its Color R&D Team, adds 18 Pros

Micro Solutions Enterprises (MSE) has positioned itself for further innovation and advancement with the addition of 8 experienced engineers and 10 technicians, adding hundreds of years of combined color expertise to an already formidable team.

MSE and Clover Technologies Group announced their strategic merger in July. The consolidation brings immediate access to resources that will strengthen MSE’s already strong technical pedigree. The 18 seasoned color professionals will drive even higher quality and product expansion. Ultimately, they will allow global dealers to finally capture their share of the elusive $20-plus billion world color market.

Said MSE’s President Yoel Wazana, “We are thrilled to have access to the fine engineers that have supported Clover’s color development over the years. They will join our already great team here at MSE to form an unparalleled group. Together we will continue to push forward in the world of color innovation and quality.”

MSE’s USA-based manufacturing and R&D facility will continue to operate at optimal capacity for all products. MSE welcomes new and prospective customers to tour the expanded, California-based engineering and manufacturing facility to witness its continued investment and commitment to the future of cartridge remanufacturing.

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