Kilider Awarded New Patent Certificate

Kilider Awarded New Patent Certificate

Kilider claims its invention patent (Patent Number: 202211400332. X) has been approved by the National Patent Office, after an extensive review process spanning over a year.

kiliderKilider’s expert technical team navigated the intricacies of existing patents to design and develop a range of patented products marked by independent technology and distinctive styles. Some of these innovations address limitations in the original product structure, aligning with customer considerations. By delivering exceptional products, Kilider simultaneously resolves concerns related to patent risks, providing customers with a reliable and innovative solution.

A standout among Kilider’s recent achievements is the KLD-W9014MC toner cartridge, embodying an anti-misplacement design concept for the powder supply screw. This ensures a uniform and smooth powder supply process, optimizing the toner cartridge’s internal space to increase capacity by 15% compared to the original cartridge. Filled with high-quality imported toner powder, the cartridge guarantees uniform and stable printing quality, smooth powder feeding without harm to machine parts, and extended machine service life. The clear graphic printing, appropriate density, and immaculately clean blank areas in documents ensure strong readability. This not only effectively reduces office costs for customers but also alleviates concerns about the use of compatible products without intellectual property rights.

Key Features of KLD-W9014MC/W9037MC/W9084MC/W9085MC toner cartridges:

  • Suitable for HP MFP E82540Z/E82550Z/E82560Z/E82640/E82650/E82660 printer models
  • Page yields: 69000 pages/58000 pages/30000 pages/60000 pages

Additionally, Kilider introduces the KLD-MLT-D706 toner cartridge for Samsung SL-K7600LX/K7500LX/K7400LX printer models, with a page yield of 45000 pages in black.

New products include the KLD-W9050MC/W9051MC/W9052MC/W9053MC/W9170MC/W9171MC/W9172MC/W9173MC toner cartridges for HP Laser Jet Managed MFP E87640Z/E87650Z/E87660Z/E87740/E87750/E87760 printer models. Page yields are as follows:

  • K: 54000 pages
  • CMY: 52000 pages/45000 pages

KLD-CLT-806S toner cartridge is designed for Samsung SL-X7600LX/X7500LX/X7400LX printer models, with the following page yields:

  • K: 45000 pages
  • CMY: 30000 pages

Kilider continues to demonstrate a commitment to innovation and excellence, providing customers with cutting-edge solutions that redefine industry standards.


About Kilider:

Kilider is a technology-based enterprise dedicated to continuous improvement and innovation. With a commitment to people-oriented corporate culture, the company actively invests in research and development, cultivating high-tech talent to provide high-quality consumables solutions globally.




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