New Compatible HP & Xerox Toners Launched

UniNet has launched a series of replacement toner formulas for use in HP and Xerox Printers.

The Absolute Black® polyester toner formula is for use in HP 4250 / 4350 monochrome printer series. UniNet claims this formula offers a higher print density with improved fusing properties compared to many competitive toners in the marketplace. Polyester toners are known to have lower melting points than styrene based products, and is the preferred choice in most of the newer printers currently being released.

The X Generation® color CPT toner and components are for use in HP CP6015, CM6030, 6040 color printer series. These high-end HP machines use toner cartridges that cost over USD$200 each, with a set of all four colors costing USD$1,000 or more. This affords remanufacturers the opportunity to offer these products, and realize significant profits. The quality of these toners is proven to deliver exceptional color reproduction properties and high page yields.

UniNet also has X Generation® Color toner formula and components for use in HP M252, MFP 277 color printer series. The HP M252 and M277 MFPs are HPs newest small tabletop color machines, rated at 19 ppm. The cartridge end caps are sonically welded on and must be “broken” off to access the cartridge interior. To solve this challenge for remanufacturers, UniNet has replacement end caps available that can be screwed on and easily removed for the next remanufacturing cycle. A drum cover is also available to protect the drum during shipment.

OEM toner cartridges CF400/401/402/403 come with both standard yield (1,500 pages for black, 1,400 pages for colors) and high yield (2,300 pages for black and 2,300 pages for colors). Toner is available now, and other components, such as drums, Smartchips, etc. are to be available soon.

In addition, UniNet offers Absolute Black ® toner & components for use in Xerox Phaser 3260, 3052, and the WorkCentre 3225/3215 monochrome printer series. These printers are monochrome, 28 ppm engines that utilize separate toner and drum cartridges to help keep printing costs low. Toner comes in two versions: a 1,500-page cartridge (106R02775) and a 3,000-page cartridge (106R02777). The separate drum cartridge (101R00474) is rated at 10,000 pages. These cartridges provide a simple solution to remanufacturers who offer refills for these monochrome cartridges because UniNet says they are considered easy to manufacture: only the toner and chip needs replacing.

UniNet can be contacted at +1(424)675-3300 or visit


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