Print-Rite’s 3D Printer Enters Taiwanese and Japanese Markets

One of Taiwan’s biggest online stores—UDN supported by International United Technology Co., Ltd (IUT) begins to sell Print-Rite’s CoLiDo™3D printers and full range filament in Taiwan.

Dr. Lan, General Manager of IUT, said, “Given the readiness for desktop 3D printing in Taiwan, we are delighted with our partnership with Union Technology International Co Ltd (Utec) and look forward to presenting CoLiDo™ to our Taiwan customers.”

Apart from the Taiwanese market, Utec has also expanded its 3D printing market to Japan by setting up an online store there.

“CoLiDo™ 3D range is a new arena for us, that’s why we have to consider having online stores as a new way of reaching markets. We are all prepared for the challenges and opportunities from the online business.” commented Kieran Ho, Deputy General Manager of Utec.

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