Print World is changing

Print World is changing

The way documents are printed is changing, and the Aftermarket is being warned to keep in touch with the trends, if it wants to stay in business.

So says Maggie Tan, Program Director of IPDS, IDC Asia/Pacific, who painted a print industry panorama to the RemaxWorld Summit audience in Zhuhai, China.

Tan says that the industry is entering a new era of digital economy.

She explained, the new emerging market—the digital economy—can be summarized into four areas: cloud, big data/analytics, social business, and mobility. Ms. Tan explained:

  • Cloud: 50% of all mid-sized and large enterprises are out of the infrastructure management business, leaving it to cloud and managed service suppliers.
  • Big data/analytics: 35% of BDA applications and services are cloud-based and LOB buyers drive analytics to double-digit growth rates for real-time intelligence and exploration/discovery.
  • Social business: 35% of the Fortune 1,000 use prescriptive enabled services to improve customer experiences in near real time.
  • Mobility: 60% of device interactions are passive as users accept information surfaced from intelligent systems and machine learning.

Tan expects the print industry trends will be:

  • Managing fleet of devices will transform to managing workflow services.
  • Integration with customers’ infrastructure by expanding ecosystem to suppliers/ their end-customers.
  • Penetrating an account is no longer a “price-play” but a “solution-play”.

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