New Color Printers Launched for SMBs

A global leading provider of printing technology has launched two new color printers, offering extended printing choices for small and medium sized companies (SMBs).

According to OKI Data Americas (OKI), its new printers include a transitional desktop color printer C532dn and a smart color MFP MC573dn. Both printers can extend the scalability, security and HD printing for SMBs while reducing their printing cost. Those new printers have enriched OKI’s latest portfolio of color printers and MFPs launched in November 2016.

Those printers can also satisfy the needs of growing businesses with a large number of media capabilities, Internet Protocol Security compliance, mobile printing, etc.

Both OKI C532dn and OKI MC573dn MFP have adopted the OKI LED technology, which is a powerful new engine and a quiet mode. Among the new printers, OKI C532dn can be set up easily and can automatically update when new features are added.

The OKI MC573dn MFP can produce remarkable HD color with a customizable scan or print document platform and secure cloud integration. The document management features SENDYS Document Explorer Lite, which provides a simpler user experience through its optional connectivity to Office 365™, Google Drive™, etc.

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