OKI Showcases New Color Printing Technology on New Printer

OKI Data Americas has introduced its new neon color printer with the latest white toner technology.

The Pro6410 NeonColor prints at 34 ppm with as fast as 9 seconds for printing the first page. Apart from its ordinary printing ability, the OEM claims that its Pro6410 NeonColor combines LED printing with neon toner technology, which is the first of its kind, and prints designs with colors beyond the standard CMY color spectrum.

With its NeonWhite toner, OKI says the printer is able to create fluorescent effects on either light or dark backgrounds on transfer media for use on garment, product decoration and packaging.

“OKI is focused on expanding the creative choices for commercial print house and graphic arts businesses,” said Fabrizio Soto, Vice President, Marketing, Industry Printing and Wide Format. “The Pro6410 NeonColor is another OKI first, allowing greater capabilities for print providers to grow their businesses. A range of materials can all be enhanced with luminescent color thanks to the Pro6410 NeonColor printer.”

The white toner technology is also added to other printer models including OKI’s C711WT, Pro920WT, C941e and C942 printers.

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