Let’s Build Bridges…Not Walls!

Let’s Build Bridges…Not Walls!

—An opportunity for all in the Americas to get together at RTISE—Americas in Cancun, Mexico

While Trump is planning to build a wall between the USA and Latin America, we’re working hard to bring all of the Americas together at the RT Imaging Summit & Expo—Americas to create new opportunities and stronger partnerships.

Millions of dollars’ worth of business will be conducted this June at the largest print consumables trade show in all Americas. The best supplies, the widest range of aftermarket products, the latest business solutions and the most thought-provoking elite speakers from the USA, Latin America and other parts of the world will all be under the same roof.

Things might be getting tougher, but improved strategies and business opportunities are there for the taking. Come break through the wall with us in 2017.

Visit www.RTMworld/2d.com for more details.

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