3D Filament Made from Used Cartridges

A France-based ink cartridge manufacturer has transformed plastic cartridge waste into 3D filament.
As reported by 3ders.org, the manufacturer Armor has launched a first 3D filament line Owa to reduce plastic cartridge waste around the world. The company found out that 70% of purchased 360 million printer cartridges in Western Europe either end up in landfills or being burnt. Through Owa, Armor has turned old cartridges into new ones or changed them into new office supplies.
It’s said that the filament is more flexible and durable than other standard 3D printing materials such as PLA or ABS. In addition, it can also be made from recycled yogurt containers, etc.
Armor has agreed to collect recyclable used cartridges from businesses in order to encourage them to recycle the waste in their offices. Now the 3D printing filaments are manufactured at Armor’s factory in Morocco as well as in La Chevrolière.
Owa 3D is now available both in France and Japan, and it is preparing to spread around the rest of Europe.

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