Italian Printing Supplier to Enter Ghana

One of the leading raw material suppliers in Europe announced it will start shipping its FREE-TECH laser toner and inkjet cartridges to Ghana, Africa from November, 2016.

Italian based S.E.A. is a raw materials supplier in the industry. The company owns two main production lines in Serbia and Italy, providing customers with customized products with more than three hundred brands.

According to GhanaWeb, Edoardo Amirante, the Purchasing Director of S.E.A., said the company is delighted to export products to Africa through the Ghanaian gateway.

Amirante extends that S.E.A. has found out that more opportunities exist in printing, manufacturing, and ICT in Africa. He comments that it is wise for the company to enter the Ghanaian market.

At present, many large companies in European, Russia and North Africa are also tendering for S.E.A’s products.

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