Amida Says Quality is Key

Quality is Key

Quality is Key

Amida Says Quality is KeyCustomers are learning that the most expensive products are not always of the best quality. Zhuhai Jianlianxin Imaging Products Co., Ltd (better known as Amida) has made a successful business by addressing customer needs with competitive prices and excellent quality.

The company has a large R&D team and established a co-lab with State Key Laboratory of Fine Chemical Engineering. Additionally, Amida founded a research centre with the purpose of merging producing, studying and research with key universities. Continued commitment to R&D has also led to many patents and a National Certification for “High-Tech Enterprises”. One of Amida’s recent technological feats is a new non-magnetic toner powder for monochromatic printers that allows printing to be perfected.

Amida Says Quality is KeyStrong R&D capabilities are also supported by Amida’s vertically integrated ecological supply chain. The company’s foundation is downstream consumables such as moulds, spare parts, and chips. Toner cartridges such as colour copiers and monochrome lasers lead to the upstream solutions: colour solution and printing solution. The result is an efficiently manufactured product range that allows Amida to expand ecologically.

The final stage of production is Amida’s extensive quality assurance. Raw materials are meticulously vetted in the R&D stage, and Incoming Quality Control ensures the best product matching. Products must then pass an Online Quality Control test with 100% and show excellent performance on the Outgoing Quality Control examinations. Finally, finished goods are inspected for a final Quality Assurance before being packaged for customers.

Amida is a printer consumables manufacturer with a reputation for high-quality products and professional service. Boasting over 16 years of experience in the research and development (R&D) of toner cartridges, Amida can understand and deliver what customers really want.

“Amida understands what our customers need,” a company spokesperson said. “We don’t focus on manufacturing the most expensive products, we focus on addressing the requirements of our buyers.” Customers of Amida say they trust the company for reliable and high-quality products.

To this end, the company is currently expanding its product range. Now customers can save on communication costs because Amida provides a full range of product solutions. The full range of Amida’s products now includes compatible or patent-free toner cartridges, remanufactured laser and copier toner cartridges, toner powder, and spare parts.

Amida will continue to manufacture the best toner cartridges for customers by investing in R&D, ecological vertical integration, extensive quality assurance, and intuitive customer service.



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