Dinglong Forecasts Growth for 2022

Dinglong Continues to Grow: Europe is Nervous About China’s Global Dominance

Dinglong Forecasts Growth for 2022Having merged with the largest chemical color toner manufacturer in China in 2013, Chinese-based Dinglong has acquired three more component companies. They have added chips, finished Aftermarket cartridges and chemical toners to their already expansive product range, capturing global attention.

Of the three company acquisitions on March 21st, the one that generated the biggest discussion was the acquirement of chip manufacturer Hangzhou Qijie Technology Co. “Cooperating with Qijie meets the requirement of the market trend, as well as provides an opportunity to Dinglong”, said Shuangchuan Zhu, CEO of Dinglong.

In 2015 Static Control Components (SCC), the largest US-based chip manufacturers, was acquired by the Chinese-based Apex Microelectronics. In response, Dinglong began to search for new suppliers that were more cost effective to avoid losing out in the market, and it was at this time when Qijie had achieved a huge breakthrough in chip technology.

When asked how Dinglong’s expansion might affect the industry, “Our merger will accelerate the integration of the whole industry,” Zhu replied. “The industry is dispersing everywhere, which leads to malignant price war. Integration is the only way out,” he explained. “It’s our duty to bring the industry together and move forward to a better environment.”

Led by Dinglong, Apex, and SGT (who acquired the global Cartridge World brand in 2015), Chinese Aftermarket companies are becoming increasingly more influential in the global industry.

The rise of the Chinese industry hasn’t gone unnoticed in Europe. Volker Kappius, COO of the German-based Delacamp, and one of 12 key speakers at the 2016 RT Imaging Summit & Expo in Barcelona expressed concern. In his article, “STOP The Chinese Toner Aftermarket Industry Now, Do Not Let Them Win”, Kappius warns that Chinese companies will bring an imbalance to the European market.

Can the conflict between the Chinese and European Aftermarket be resolved? Will the “imbalance” impact the future? To find the answers and take advantage of the opportunity to network with 12 industry experts from the likes of Cartridge World, Static Control, Clover, Apex and Mito, register now to attend the Summit.

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Dinglong Forecasts Growth for 2022

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