Static Control Engages Two Bulgarian Giants

Static Control Components (Europe) has reached agreements with two Bulgarian-based companies to better service Central Europe with cartridge component supplies.

Andrzej Jaswin, Regional Sales Manager for Eastern Europe at Static Control, said, “In teaming up with two organizations as experienced and skilled in the Bulgarian market as Toner Support and Arbikas, Static Control is well positioned in its commitment to delivering the best possible service and support to this growing region.”

Toner Support and Arbikas are both located in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. “We are proud to become an official reseller of Static Control,” said Ognyan Sachev, Managing Partner of Toner Support. “When we started out, 10% of our cartridges were our own recycled products; this has now grown to 25%.

Connecting with the industry leader in aftermarket supplies is another step in the right direction to strengthening the position of remanufactured toner cartridges in our market.” Toner Support also noted it provides more than 10,000 types of products to various customers in cities within Bulgaria.

Stefan Penchev, CEO of Arbikas, added, “The team of Arbikas Ltd. is proud of the fact that the long-term partnership of our company with Static Control goes on a higher level in reaching the Reseller Agreement. This is recognition of our good work with Static Control products and of our priority to offer quality service and support to all our customers, thanks to the reliability guaranteed to us by these products.”

Arbikas, a Static Control customer since 2003, provides more than 60,000 products to more than 15,000 customers in Bulgaria.
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