First US Reforestation Project for MPS Provider

PrintReleaf is cooperating with Tree, Water & People (TWP) to boost its first certified reforestation project in the US.

PrintReleaf, an MPS provider, has a network of certified reforestation projects across the globe, including Brazil, Dominican Republic, Mexico, etc. Its PrintReleaf Exchange (PRX) is the first technology platform that measures a customer’s paper consumption and connects them to reforestation projects via the platform. PrintReleaf claims that its program helps customers to “offset” the consumption by planting new trees that are equivalent to their consumption in amount.

According to, the company has just added the first site in the US to its global reforestation program by working with TWP. The first American project is located in Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, South Dakota. This Oglala Lakota Native American Reservation covers an area of 3,468.85 square miles, being the eighth-largest reservation in the United States.

With fires damaging the forest, trees have been completely lost in some areas. The Pine Ridge project seeks to train people to care for and transport the tree seedlings as well as to plant trees in organized and efficient ways. Trees will be planted in right places within a 20,000-acre fire zone with help from Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Oglala Lakota tribe on determining optimum site location and solving access issues.

PrintReleaf intends to plant about 30,000 trees in 2017. The company also expects to reforest restoration within the fire areas and the wildlife habitat zones within two fire areas to attract species to return.

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