More Exhibitors Sign up for RTISE Americas 2016

The organizer of RT Imaging Summit & Expo AmericasRecycling Times Media Corporation—says more exhibitors have signed up for the event to be held in Cancun, Mexico on June 2-3, 2016.

Mexico’s economic growth at 2.5% has captured the attention of many in Latin America. Economists are predicting economic conditions will continue to trend upwards in 2016.

With this prosperous trend in mind, together with Mexico’s geographical advantage (it resides in both North America and Latin America at the same time), the RT Imaging Summit & Expo—Americas will be held in the Cancun Center, Conventions & Exhibitions, Mexico on June 2-3,2016.

A large number of companies have reserved booths for the trade show, including Cartridge World, Clover, PSC, Zhuhai Warmth, Polytoner, Top-Color, Print King, Besda, Amida, Ever-Bright, GS, Caire, Anmaprint, Retech, Globaltek, Nature Toner, Cadtoner, and Teshine. Organizers are expecting to attract 60 exhibitors and over 1,000 visitors.

More than 10 industry experts are being invited to analyse and share their opinions on the latest technologies, market updates, and hot legal challenges and issues in America.

Iris Ngo, Vice President of RT Media commented: “This is our first time to host the expo in Mexico, aiming to provide a communicating business platform for customers who intend to expand Latin American market. In next few months, we will continue for market promotion to attract more visitors.”

According to RT Media, those reserving booths before December 31, 2015 will enjoy a 10% early bird discount. Please contact: Penny.Liu@iRecyclingTimes or click here for more information.

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