More Downsizing Expected in HP

As part of its multi-year restructuring plan, HP has been implementing a stunning downsizing exercise since 2011. Having cut 55,000 jobs already, Meg Whitman, CEO of HP Enterprise and chairman of HP Inc., said more layoffs are likely to happen in the near future, due to the unpredictable tendency of the global economy and the innovative developments of the company.
From an interview with CNN’S Poppy Harlow at HP Discover this week, Whitman pointed out the majority changes has been done, yet more fine-tuning might keep on going over the following years. As for the possible cutting numbers ahead, Whitman indicated it is hard to foresee before November 1. By then, HP will split into two publicly-traded entities—HP Enterprise and HP Inc.
Though it is really tough on morale, Whitman believes many employees have realized it is what they have to do.
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