Epson Releases New Mobile POS Printer

Epson Releases New Mobile POS Printer

Epson Releases New Mobile POS Printer

Epson Releases New Mobile POS PrinterEpson announced the latest model in its TM-m30 series of mobile POS printers, designed to meet the needs of users such as specialist shops, small restaurants, coffee shops, food trucks, and kiosks.

Featuring a stylish all-new design, the TM-m30III retains the core functionality and compact footprint of preceding models, while adding modern connectivity options and improved speed.

Delivering a receipt printer that is inexpensive, space-efficient, easy to use, and stylish, the Epson TM-m30 series was originally introduced in 2015. Since then, the market has evolved so that there is now a need for compact mobile POS printing solutions that offer flexible connectivity, ease of use, and high reliability in a cost-effective package. The TM-m30III is designed to meet this market need.

With an all-new, and highly compact, design, which reflects today’s demand for a clean and modern aesthetic, the TM-m30III also offers a range of enhanced connectivity options, available as two variants. These are the standard model and the wireless model. The standard model includes a USB Type-C PD (Power Delivery) tablet port, able to supply up to 18W of power to the connected device, compared with 10.5W on previous models. This increased power delivery is becoming increasingly important, as many smart devices now ship with higher power requirements.

The wireless version of the TM-m30III includes all the features of the standard model, plus built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality. Although Wi-Fi functionality is traditionally provided by means of a USB adaptor, this version of the TM-m30III includes it ‘on board’.  The TM-m30III also offers 20Mbps network tethering, which allows the wired network connection to the printer to be shared with a connected smart device.

Another significant enhancement of the TM-m30III is its level of durability. Now providing protection against harmful ingress of liquids to IPX2 standards, the product has been externally treated with an ISO22196-certified antibacterial material, making it ideal for kitchen use. The TM-m30III has also been designed with easy cleaning in mind.

The TM-m30III also includes superior de-curl functionality, able to produce flattened receipts with no reduction in print speed. This is particularly useful in applications where code-scanning is important, such as event ticketing, or for producing documents that require a signature. The printer also offers improved paper roll near-end detection, which can work with the printer oriented for front or top paper exit positions. This is especially important for semi-attended applications, such as kiosks or self-checkout, where prompt paper replacement avoids unnecessary downtime.

Providing continuity for users of previous Epson TM-m30 models, the TM-m30III offers exceptional price performance, while building upon the benefits of the existing TM-m30II series.  The product is supplied with a “quick start” sheet that offers a simple and effective setup guide, while scannable QR-codes link to videos that cover all processes, from unpacking to powering on, as well as basic configuration tasks. Support has been extended from iOS-Only to include Android and Windows.

“As a leader in POS printing technology, Epson understands the needs of the mobile POS market perfectly,” said Dayle Guy, Business Development Manager, Epson Business Systems. “This latest extension of our highly popular range of compact mPOS solutions is an excellent example of how we listen to the market and react by delivering timely and tailored solutions.”



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