INTEGRAL Celebrates 49th Anniversary

German toner manufacturer INTEGRAL embraces its 49th anniversary this June.

As the first independent company to manufacture electrostatic toners in Europe, INTEGRAL currently manufactures a wide range of toners for monochrome and color, with a strong global customer network.

On the occasion of its 49th anniversary in business, the toner manufacturer said it is pleased with the following achievements it has made and looks forward to continuing to work for a steady growth in the years to come.

The achievements INTERGRAL mentioned include:

• INTEGRAL marked a turning point for its business last year by launching a range of high quality color toners for use in Kyocera.

• With acquisition of Pelikan´s Brother-type toner business in late December last year, INTEGRAL has extended its product range.

• INTEGRAL is renounced for the manufacturing of positive-polarity toners, such as toners for use in Kyocera and Brother.

• INTEGRAL has invested in a production plant in Oyonnax, France which helps keep up with release of new products on a regular basis. It will release Integral color toners for use in Canon and Konica Minolta this year.

• In May, the company started the construction of a new warehouse facility in its central logistic center in Kerken, Germany which covers 3,000 square meters. With the new facility, the company will have totally 17,000 square meter of production, logistics and office building.



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