Samsung Attains Patent for Continuous Multicolor Printing Solution

After announcing the exploration in 3D area, Samsung has been granted a 3D printing patent titled WO2015050398 A1 in April 2015 following its the application in September 2014. The patent covers a new proprietary multicolor 3D printing process, uniquely owned the solution for continuous multicolor printing process, reported

As revealed, the process described covers a proprietary 3D printer, a method to control the printer, a multicolor photo curable ink, and an anti-inter color bleed agent. The printer has several tanks to contain the multicolored ink and anti-bleed agent. It also has print heads for each of these materials as well as a photo initiator attached to the print heads to cure the materials while printing.

During the printing process, the print heads would move along the guiderail and the print platform would move along the x, y, and z axies. The print heads will apply layers of multicolored ink as well as the anti-bleeding agent in between while using the photo initiator attached to the print heads to cure the object while printing. The whole process is designed to prevent the inter color bleeding that occurs when ink compositions with different colors are printed adjacent to one another before curing during 3D printing.

The reporter further noted, the patent inventors include South Korea-based Samsung employees Yeon Kyoung Jung, O Hyun Beak, Keon Kuk, Eun Bong Han, Yong Hyun Lim, and Jong Youb Ryu and it believed this patent may mark the company’s intent to wade further into the waters of the 3D printing industry.

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