Microsoft: HP Not Responsible for Wired Windows 11 Bug

Microsoft: HP Not Responsible for Wired Windows 11 Bug

microsoftWindows 11 (or 10) reported some buggy behavior relating to printers, as Microsoft has acknowledged.

Some Windows 11 (or 10) found that the HP Smart App was installed on their PCs without an HP printer, or indeed with no printer at all in some instances.

According to, the issue is more than just the stealthy and unwanted installation of this HP app (from the Microsoft Store). In some cases, even if Windows 11 renamed connected printers as a specific HP model  (LaserJet M101-M106) and changed icons, the error is still promoted “No tasks are available for this page.”

The software giant advises: “Our investigations indicate that this issue is not caused by an HP update. In most cases, it should be possible to use the [affected] printer as expected, including queueing printing jobs, as well as other features such as copy, scan, or fax.

“Printers on the device will continue to use the expected drivers for printer operations. However, this issue might affect associations with other manufacturer-supplied printer apps used to extend basic printer capabilities. If this is the case, some or all of those extended functions might not work.”



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