M2 New E-commerce Platform

Originally written by Joshua Allsopp and published at Opi

M2 launches online MPS platform

Opi reports that European managed print services specialist M2 has launched a new e-commerce platform.

Called Print Simplicity, it allows resellers to broaden their product offering to include MPS.

It is currently being offered to IT resellers, OP suppliers and managed office providers, with HP Inc and Office Depot the first to launch white label versions of the website.

It can be custom branded with company logos and M2 will even pay a share of the hardware profit plus ongoing service revenue, with no upfront investment required.

Users are able to search for and buy printer hardware based on specific document requirements entirely online, with delivery in a matter of days. The platform asks a series of questions to determine the customer’s needs and offers a range of devices as well as 4-6 hour response times and automatic next-day toner delivery.

M2 said it is the first time that SMBs can benefit from the cost-saving possibilities of MPS, where smaller businesses may have self-served in the past.

M2 CEO John Taylor commented: “This proposition cuts out the entire sales process, saving businesses weeks’ worth of valuable time and enabling them to benefit from world class MPS at the touch of a button.”


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