Services rather than Products

“In the future, services will be more important than products in office industry.” In October.11th, OA China’s Lai Peishan addresses a speech about intelligent office system in RemaxWorld Summit.

Lai points out that office is a place where employees work together to fight for their dreams and achieve the enterprises’ goal. However, many enterprises and their employees still conform to traditional working style instead of actively dealing with the rapid changes in business competition.

Against this backdrop, Lai, the founder of OA China who has been engaged with the OA industry for 22 years, since 1995 when he began working on the direct sale to major clients at Xerox, holds the view that “it’s critical for a company to raise employees’ enthusiasm in innovation in the way of working.” He appeals to the audience in the summit to embrace the era of intelligent office.

According to Lai, OA enterprises have been committed to providing upgraded service for companies and employees by developing intelligent office system. It is based on a private and public cloud infrastructure as well as a smart control center which will provide a series of solutions for printing, meeting room, breakroom and healthy office.  Applied to environment management, daily work, attendance and safeguard, this intelligent office system can protect environment, guarantee information security and keep the cost at a rational level.

In terms of printing and consumables industry, Lai holds the view that in the future, the market tends to be “service-oriented”. It means that distributors will focus more on service rather than products whether from OEMs or aftermarket companies. Lai imagines that, in the future, there will be less demand for printers as shared printing develop quickly.  However, Lai holds that in China, market is more product-oriented which focus on offline business. Hence a huge potential in the transformation of printing and consumables industry can be seen in China.

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