Lexmark Releases New CarbonNeutral Laser Printers

Lexmark Releases New CarbonNeutral Laser Printers

LexmarkLexmark releases new CarbonNeutral single and multi-function laser printers that enable small and medium-sized businesses to print more simply and sustainably.

According to Lexmark, certified CarbonNeutral single and multi-function laser printers are now available in the Lexmark GO Line of smaller footprint devices, while Lexmark OnePrint offers access to a simplified print subscription service.

“Lexmark is pleased to bring these simple and sustainable print solutions to small and medium-sized businesses,” said Brock Saladin, Lexmark senior vice president and chief commercial officer. “As an established leader in enterprise print, Lexmark is utilizing our cloud and IoT technology expertise to simplify print for smaller businesses while delivering enterprise-class capabilities and value.”

CarbonNeutral Certified Laser Printers and MFPs 
Two flagship devices in the Lexmark GO Line series are now CarbonNeutral certified products.

All Lexmark single-function black and white B3442dw devices and multi-function color MC3326i devices sold after Sept. 27, 2022, are certified as CarbonNeutral by Climate Impact Partners. These are among the first office laser printers sold in the U.S. and Canada to provide certified carbon neutrality by default, right out of the box and with no additional fee.

“These CarbonNeutral certified single-function and multi-function laser devices allow small and medium-sized business customers to be more sustainable in their printing, without additional cost or sacrifice,” Saladin said. “This is a significant milestone in Lexmark’s ongoing journey toward more sustainable products and is part of our longstanding commitment to helping protect the environment.”

Carbon neutrality for these products begins with Lexmark engineers working to measure and minimize the greenhouse gas emissions in the full lifecycle of the product’s production, transportation, use and retirement. Lexmark then supports third party-verified climate projects to offset any remaining carbon emissions. Climate Impact Partners’ CarbonNeutral certification is the global standard, managed for over 20 years to deliver clear, conclusive and transparent carbon neutral claims.

“Building on their leadership in the application of the circular economy and success in implementing operational efficiency, Lexmark is now providing certified CarbonNeutral products to their customers, ensuring the full lifecycle impacts are measured, reduced and compensated for with carbon credits from high-quality, independently verified projects,” said Alterra Hetzel, senior vice president of client solutions, Carbon Impact Partners. “We welcome Lexmark to the growing number of corporations taking meaningful climate action today.”

Lexmark GO Line products, including the new CarbonNeutral certified models, are available at Lexmark.com and other popular e-commerce sites, as well as through select Lexmark partners.

Lexmark OnePrint Subscription Service
Lexmark OnePrint is a simple subscription print solution that helps small and medium-sized businesses save time and money. Customers select the monthly plan that matches the number of pages they expect to print each month. Leveraging Lexmark’s proprietary AI-driven supplies replenishment system, enrolled Lexmark GO Line devices are automatically monitored and managed, and genuine Lexmark toner is shipped just when it is needed, eliminating the risk of running out of toner. Service and support are also simple, with a warranty provided at no additional cost for the life of the subscription.

“Small business customers appreciate the value and simplicity of subscription services,” Saladin said. “They are looking for convenience and a recurring expense they can budget for, with the peace of mind that comes with a warranty. We developed Lexmark OnePrint to meet this need.”

The Lexmark OnePrint subscription service is simple and transparent:

  • One flat rate starting as low as 7.99 U.S. dollars per month can be cancelled at any time
  • Savings of up to 50% on toner
  • No monthly overage fees or running out of toner
  • Warranty service for the life of the subscription

Lexmark OnePrint is now available at Lexmark.com in France, Germany and the United Kingdom, and will soon be available in the U.S. and Canada.



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