Lexmark Releases Free Software Solution

Lexmark has released a free fleet management software solution Markvision Enterprise 3.0 (MVE 3.0). This solution can provide customers better visibility into the entire fleet of network and multifunction vices in different brands.

MVE 3.0’s newly redesigned, modern interface enables a faster performance, improved usability, enhanced security, and reduced setup time by removing the requirement for browser plugins.

This solution is also a key component of Lexmark’s full-spectrum approach to device security. MVE 3.0 allows customers to discover devices on the network and configure devices settings automatically. Besides, this solution ensures security compliance with scheduled check on the devices and provides automatic remedy for devices that are out of policy.

“Lexmark’s Markvision Enterprise has a long history of giving customers the ability to centrally manage their entire fleet of enterprise devices, whether they have a few or a few thousand devices,” said Allen Waugerman, senior vice president and chief technology officer, Lexmark. “Markvision Enterprise 3.0 improves on that tradition with enhanced usability and security.”

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