Counterfeit Boom in the Middle East Berto cartoon rtmworld

Largest Counterfeit Toner Seizure

Counterfeit Boom in the Middle East Berto cartoon rtmworldMore than half a million pieces of duplicate printers and ink cartridges were seized in a warehouse in Dubai during a raid by government authorities.

TonerNews report the Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection (CCCP) section of the Department of Economic Development (DED) claims the raid to be the largest of its kind in Dubai. It’s estimated Dh75 million (US$40 million) worth of confiscated goods were involved.

It took more than 10 hours for the CCCP to examine and classify the items. A full report on the seized goods was send to the trademark owners, in support of their further action to stop counterfeiting and to alert consumers.

Ibrahim Behzad, director of the Intellectual Property Rights department in CCCP, said: “The confiscated products carried reputed brand names including HP.“ He added, “HP responded quickly and their global team visited DED within 48 hours of the seizure to take samples of the counterfeit goods and analyse the source.”

Behzad further added, “The DED is also planning to enhance its manpower capabilities through training programs with international companies on how to guard intellectual property.”

Glenn Jones, Anti-counterfeiting Manager, HP EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) and Americas, responded, “We are grateful to the UAE authorities for their support and assistance in tackling counterfeiting and removing such products from both local and overseas market.”


Counterfeit Boom in the Middle East Berto cartoon rtmworld

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