3D Printers Made from Inkjet Printer E-waste

3D Printers Made from Inkjet Printer E-waste

3D Printers Made from Inkjet Printer E-wasteA UK-based charity wanting to support developing countries has developed a technology that turns e-waste components into 3D printers.

According to TonerNews, Techfortrade developed an open source software program called Retr3d with the ability to let people build their own custom 3D printers.

Apparently, components from old inkjet printers and photocopiers, even ones that don’t match, can all be used. Printer head rods, motors, cogs and pulleys used to pull the print-head across the rod, as well as small fans to cool the machine are all useful.

Wrap UK estimates that 25% of all electronic waste equipment, including discarded inkjet printers, that is sent to household waste recycling centres, could be re-used. It’s estimated to be worth £200m ($316m) a year.

William Hoyle, Techfortrade’s CEO and founder of the Charity, said: “We wanted to make sure that developing countries that missed out on the second industrial revolution could still participate in the third industrial revolution, with 3D printing.”

The charity says the technology is available for free online, and anyone around the world can use the same technique.

Source: http://tonernews.com/

3D Printers Made from Inkjet Printer E-waste

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