Chinese Supplier Gives Industry a Bad Name

Chinese Supplier Gives Industry a Bad Name

An Australian parts and finished goods supplier has contacted RT Media to reveal how one Chinese-based manufacturer (name withheld) is giving the industry a bad name.

“You are a disgusting businessman and lack professionalism,” the supplier wrote back to the Chinese manufacturer.

RT Media is in possession of an email sent by the Chinese manufacturer to the Australian supplier that says, “I saw your goods with your shipping mark in our factory warehouse, but it seems you buy from a trading company.”

The email went on to explain to the Australian supplier that being the original manufacturer, he could give him a better deal. “Hope you can buy directly from our factory and we will offer you a better price.”

The Chinese manufacturer, who claims to be a “professional manufacturer in China for over 15years” was attempting to “steal” his customer’s customer.

“Why are you stealing customers from one of your customers?” asked the Australian supplier. “People like you give Chinese businesses a very bad name.You have no integrity and do your company a disservice.”

The Australian supplier concluded his response to the Chinese manufacturer by saying, “I would never deal with a company that cheats their customers as it indicates that you would cheat on me.”

The Australian supplier is a regular visitor to China, and enjoys doing business with many Chinese companies that are able to provide him with professional service and quality products. Nevertheless, he warns others that you have to be diligent, as always, in checking out those you do business with.

The Chinese manufacturer has not, as yet replied to RT Media’s enquiries.

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