Large Quantity of Counterfeit HP Toners Seized in China

HP claim 19,000 counterfeit HP toner cartridges, worth more than $2 million, were recently seized in Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China.

The raid conducted by local public security bureau targeted two large counterfeiting sites. Equipment used to make counterfeit cartridges and a large number of HP-branded packaging was found. Those involved have been arrested, although the number has not been disclosed. It has now been revealed the head of one operation has been engaged in the production and sale of counterfeit cartridges since 2011, with an obviously increasing scale of production.

HP believes this action will help destroy the local market for counterfeit cartridges by significantly reducing the quantity of counterfeit HP toner cartridges available. The two manufacturers had established a wide distribution network, particularly in Yunnan, Guangxi, Fujian and other provinces in southern China. The manufacturing and selling of the fake products would have seriously undermined HP’s customers’ printing experience.

According to the OEM, since January 2015, more than 2.8 million counterfeit HP toner cartridges and components have been seized in 43 cities of 25 provinces in China by law enforcement agencies, the value totaling more than $32.9 million.


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