Lexmark Wins BLI Summer 2020 Pick Awards

Lexmark Wins BLI Summer 2020 Pick Awards

Lexmark Wins BLI Summer 2020 Pick Awards

LexmarkLexmark Wins BLI Summer 2020 Pick Awards announced that Keypoint Intelligence – Buyers Lab honored the Lexmark CS431dw and the Lexmark CX431adw with their prestigious Summer 2020 Pick Awards for Outstanding Color Printer and MFP for Small Workgroups.

Other OEM winners in the Printer/MFP category included Canon, HP and Epson.

Lexmark claims its CS431dw and CX431adw are small workgroup dynamos that pack consistent color output into a lightweight and compact footprint. Built for reliability, performance and security, these units print up to 26 pages per minute and offer expandable input for longer print runs. The units come with a 2.8-inch touch screen standard and connect easily via Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet or the cloud.

“Lexmark’s compact, user-friendly devices are great fits for any small workgroup looking for a color printer or MFP they can count on for reliability and high-quality output,” said Kaitlin Shaw, Associate Director of A4 Hardware at Keypoint Intelligence.

“Producing vibrant colors, clean lines, and clear text, image quality should more than meet the needs of general office use. Small workgroups can also rest assured that these devices will keep them productive given their strong performances, combined with how easy to use and maintain they are. And flexible mobile and cloud support means productivity can continue beyond the workstation.”

“This award validates Lexmark’s commitment to providing devices that combine enterprise-class reliability and security with small-business-friendly size, speed, pricing and ease of use,” said Brock Saladin(pictured), Lexmark senior vice president and chief revenue officer. “Lexmark partners expect us to deliver reliable, high-quality products their customers can count on. This award affirms that small workgroups can rely on these Lexmark color workhorses to meet their needs for years to come.”

These devices are also sold via channel partners as devices in the Lexmark GO Line series.

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