Kyocera Introduces WebAR technology

Kyocera Introduces WebAR technology

Kyocera Introduces WebAR technology

Kyocera Introduces WebAR technologyKyocera has introduced the “TASKalfa7054ci Series WebAR” function on its homepage, enabling users to preview the installation of MFP printers using Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

WebAR provides an AR experience directly through web browsers, eliminating the need for users to download specific apps. By accessing the URL link to the respective product on smartphones or tablets, users can view a three-dimensional image of the printer and visualize its placement in their home or office environment. The “TASKalfa7054ci Series WebAR” function showcased on the homepage demonstrates this technology using one of Kyocera’s MFP series, the TASKalfa 7054ci, as an example.

Furthermore, the homepage also offers the “360° Size View” and “Operation Panel Simulator” functions. These features allow users to virtually experience the installation process and interact with the product’s performance, providing valuable insights for potential buyers.

No Apps Needed, Accessible Via Browser

This function can be accessed directly through a web browser, eliminating the need to download any additional apps. Users can experience it seamlessly on any mobile device, regardless of operating systems or platforms.

Simple Virtual Installation Experience
As users move their devices around their environment, the function detects flat surfaces as floors. Once detected, a three-dimensional image of the product is displayed on the floor, allowing users to rotate and position the image to simulate the layout.

Kyocera Introduces WebAR technologyVirtual Hands-on Experience

The “360° Size View” feature on the WebAR homepage allows users to explore more than just the installation process. They can interact with various parts of the printers, such as the document feeder and paper cassette, to understand their functionality.

This virtual experience offers customers a unique opportunity to evaluate a printer before making a purchase. With this function, customers can make informed decisions and remotely purchase a printer without the need to visit physical stores.



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