Konica Minolta’s New CEO Makes Changes

Konica Minolta’s new CEO, Rick Taylor says there will be changes to the top ranks of the company’s organization for the sake of the company’s development in the long-run.

According to the report by The Imaging Channel, the OEM witnessed unprecedented development and produced outstanding results in the past 30 years under the administration of Hiro Okazaki.

Okazaki will continue to lead the mid-term planning, acquisitions, and budgets of Konica Minolta, along with guiding the company’s long-term future through promoting vital strategic programs.

Allan Schwedock will become Senior Vice President of Operations and Supply Chain, and will be responsible for all sales administration, logistics and supply chain management.

Kevin Kern will take over the expanded role of Senior Vice President in Business Intelligence Services and Product Planning, while Dino Pagliarello will be exalted to Vice President, Product Management and Planning.

Kay Du Fernandez will be assigned the role of the Vice President of Marketing. She will also supervise Channel Marketing, All Covered Marketing, the IT Services Division of Konica Minolta, Enterprise Learning and Leasing.

Taylor expressed, “The elevation of exceptional leaders like Hiro, Allan, Kevin, Dino and Kay will strengthen our organization and energize our operations, allowing us to more fully realize our incredible potential, benefiting both Konica Minolta and its customers. These are extraordinary leaders, whose knowledge of our business and consistency in producing extraordinary results have propelled the organization to incredible success.”

Source: http://www.theimagingchannel.com/

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