Konica Minolta South Africa Strengthens Recycling Efforts

Konica Minolta South Africa has introduced a new recycling program which allows local clients to reduce their environmental impact by ensuring toner cartridges and bottles are recycled into useful products.

South African legislation classifies printer cartridge waste as hazardous and Konica Minolta South Africa wants to guarantee there is no negative environmental impact. To make it easy for customers to drop off their used toner bottles, the company will arrange recycling bins in all of its branches over the next three months. Also, bins will be delivered to high volume users and once the bins are full, they will be collected by the company. All recollecting activities are free.

Laetitia Coetzer, the special projects manager for Konica Minolta South Africa, said, “As a local socially and ecologically aware organization, Konica Minolta South Africa takes its responsibility to the environment around us seriously and seeks out opportunities to make the way we do business more sustainable. Corporate social responsibility is ingrained in our corporate values. To this end we saw, after months of research and development, the first proto-type of a recycled product in the form of a vegetable and/or herb pot, made from 100% recycled material, was created. The ultimate aim is to distribute these pots to places where planting space is limited and in rural areas, to allow communities the opportunity to create sustainable food gardens.”

Laetitia added, “Since the launch of this project, Konica Minolta South Africa has recycled in excess of eight tons of toner bottles, cartridges and imaging units. By recycling old printer cartridges, Konica Minolta South Africa hopes to divert thousands of tons of waste from landfill sites, preserving our environment for future generations,” she concludes. “Even the paint used to colour these vibrant vegetable pots has been recycled from toner powder, reinforcing the fact that we take the ‘cradle to grave’ responsibility of our products extremely seriously.”



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