Italiana Riprografia Expands Production Line

The Recycler reports that IR Italiana Riprografia, an Italian manufacturer and distributor of printer cartridges, is expanding its line to include remanufactured toner cartridges for both copiers and MFPs. The firm asserts that it has made the choice to meet the demand of the market which has grown steadily.

With this investment, the firm claimed that it will boost its production volumes. Also, it is confident to be faster in delivering the products to the customer. IR Italiana has been implementing the strategy of providing good-quality aftermarket cartridges” by the manufacturer to the end user in 24 hours”.

According to The Recycler, the manufacturer’s goal is to rank among the top European manufacturers of aftermarket toner for copiers, believing so long as one persistently focuses on the quality; products in Europe are still competitive in spite of the invasion of products from Asia.

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