PrintAbout Mainly Wins against Samsung on Sales of Toner Cartridges

According to The Recycler, PrintAbout, one of the four dealers accused by Samsung of selling patent-infringing toner cartridges in the Netherlands, has mainly won the case.

PrintAbout, a leading inkjet and toner cartridge in Holland and Belgium, asserted that it was accused for “several EU-designs, patents and a claim based on unlawful advertising”, but now Samsung only won the case concerning one of the two invoked patents. The other claims “were all rejected by the Court”. Consequently, PrintAbout is free of injunction.

PrintAbout believed it will finally win the case and the judgment will impact Samsung’s European proceeding based on its patents concerning toners.

Several days ago, it was reported that Samsung filed suit with the Court of Hague against four dealers on 14 November 2013—Yorcom Computers, Print About, Digital Revolution and Maxperian—for selling the toner cartridges infringing Samsung’s patents. Later, three of these respondents were banned from selling the specified products by the Court, but it was not unveiled which three of the four dealers were restricted.


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