New Standards for MPS Established

New Standards for MPS Established

An authoritative, non-profit, information technology (IT) organization based in the USA has released two new standards for providers of managed printing and security firms.

As reported by Channelweb, these two standards are the third and fourth in a series of standards unveiled by US-based CompTIA after the company removed the old Trustmark certifications earlier this year.

According to CompTIA, one standard for managed print providers is the Channel Standard for Managed Print Providers. It covers the vital business areas of Managed Print providers, including business generation, delivery and operations, customer relations, and business direction.

Likewise, the other standard for security firms is The Channel Standard for Cyber Security. It is drawn from a framework of the National Institute of Standards and Technology in the U.S. This standard aims at providing guidelines for business practices in five security areas of identifying, protecting, detecting, responding and recovering.

The Senior Vice President of events and education at CompTIA, Kelly Ricker, stated, “As a vendor-neutral tech trade association, we believe in providing tools to advance the industry. The channel standards are just one example of how, through sharing knowledge and ideas, we can help channel partners operate more effectively.”

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