Mergers & Acquisitions—where does that leave me?

Mergers & Acquisitions—where does that leave me?

Mergers & Acquisitions—where does that leave me?Mergers & Acquisitions—where does that leave me?Mergers & Acquisitions—where does that leave me?

The RT Imaging Summit & Expo will run May 14-15, 2015 at the South Point Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, mainly to help specialists in the print consumables industry network with international distributors and business owners in the printing consumables industry. With the advantages of location, business and leisure, Las Vegas is the best destination to hold a summit and expo in America.

Though there are threats in North America’s aftermarket, such as mergers and acquisitions which have reduced the number of remanufacturers alone by 75%, some potentials are still obvious. North America occupies 1/3 of the global market in printing consumables and the aftermarket in the USA continues to grow—albeit slowly. There are fewer, larger component suppliers and finished, remanufactured producers. More mergers are tipped to occur in 2015. So, our theme “Mergers & Acquisitions—where does that leave me?” is very timely.

Recycling Times Media, commonly known as RT Media, has emerged and developed rapidly in the last 8 years. On the back of acquiring the US-based imaging media icon, Recharger Magazine, in February 2014, and the Spain-based Consumables E-Magazine in October, RT Media has also successfully acquired rights to The Tiara Group’s celebrated series of US-based Toner Conferences, now approaching its 32nd year.

With consummate rights to the Toner Conference, RT Media now controls the industry’s largest global audience with its Summits and Expos in China, Spain, Mexico and the US. RT Media also commands the largest readership of its monthly imaging consumables magazine, Recycling Times, published in English, Chinese, Korean, Russian and Spanish. These properties also strengthen RT Media’s website ( which already has visitors that spend more time, and view more pages, than any other industry news website in the world. Further, each October, RT Media runs RemaxAsia Expo, the largest imaging consumables industry exposition in the world, with 453 exhibits and 13,563 visitors attending in Zhuhai China, from 85 countries last year.

Now a dynamic agreement has come together between RT Media and California Polytechnic State University, better known as CalPoly. The university houses the largest library of graphic and imaging resources in the world. The university will jointly run this year’s RT Imaging Summit and Expo in Las Vegas. The RT Imaging Summit & Expo—America 2015 is worth your attendance. Come and join us!

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Mergers & Acquisitions—where does that leave me?

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