Issue No.5 of Korean Recycling Times Magazine Published

Recycling Times has worked with its Korean partner, Innovative Printing Solution (IPS) to publish the Korean version of Recycling Times magazine. This new monthly publication contains news and views relating to the global print consumables industry.







In the 5th edition (

1. Recycling Times’ Imaging Summit Scores Sucessful Debut in Las Vegas
More than 100 delegates signed up for the event, prepared to engage in what became a series of spirited dialogues and debates over “What’s Next?” for the industry.


2. Emerging Markets and World Economies
The question with these emerging economies is: “Will they drive printed paper growth for imaging devices that use cartridges, which this industry can provide?”

3. 2D Players Rush Into 3D Markets
2D printing and 3D printing are connecting as 2D players scramble for positions in the emerging 3D market.

4. U.S. Offi ce Vertical Market Opportunity
The largest global regions for office print volumes recently have begun to experience gradual rates of decline.



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