Xerox to Auction 239 Patents

As reported by Wall Street PR, Xerox plans to auction 239 patents to generate millions of dollars which will boost its 2Q or 3Q earnings.

The OEM, owning more than 12,000 active patents in the U.S., has categorized the patents into lots “bases on such as audio communication, touchscreen, Web content, networking and print systems”.

The move, different from the company’s usual practice—selling patents individually or in groups, was deemed as unusual by some experts. It’s the first time Xerox is offering a large patent portfolio of auction.

According to Mark Peterson, founder and CEO of Robinwood Consulting, an intellectual property consulting firm, the project to auction 239 patents by Xerox Corp (NYSE:XRX) is suspect. He thinks that the company has either lost the people who could have helped it in licensing the patents, or the patents don’t have much in them.

Sophie Vandebroek, Chief Technology Officer at Xerox, said they always seeks to return the best value on innovation investments and the patents earmarked for auction reflect that commitment.

The auction is expected to take place between July 24 and 29.

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