Ink Cartridge Recycler IAA Helps African Schools

Inking About Africa, a non-profit charity located in Stowmarket, UK, is making an effort to recycle old ink cartridges to support schools and children in Gambia, Africa. So far, the charity has raised more than £7,000 for projects in Africa and recycled around 1,000 ink cartridges a year.

Ms. Faye McSloy, Founder of Inking About Africa, said that the charity recycles cartridges and the money they raise goes to help provide better education for children in Africa. Also, she noticed that more than 31 million ink cartridges are disposed in landfills every year in the UK.

Inking About Africa was founded in September 2011 by Ms. McSloy and her partner Mr. Mark Hickie. The IAA charity has installed drop boxes for people to dispose of their old printer cartridges. Drop boxes can be found at Stowmarket Tourist Information Centre, Co-op in Combs, Mid Suffolk District Council Offices, Mid Suffolk Leisure Centre and the Range in Ipswich.

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