Indian Toners & Developers Boosts Production Capacity

Indian Toners & Developers Boosts Production Capacity

New Delhi based Indian Toners & Developers Ltd., a leading manufacturer and exporter of aftermarket toners, recently completed its expansion with the addition of a new plant.

The new plant adds another 600-metric tons of toner production capacity to its existing facilities. As the new plant comes on stream, the company will totally turn out 3,000 metric tons of toner annually.

Now, Indian Toners has five production plants with imported German equipment and an exclusive R&D facility. Each production plant has a production capacity of 600 metric tons annually.

Akshat Jain, President of Indian Toners & Developers Ltd, said, “Unlike other manufacturers that build excess capacity and then sell, we believe in utilizing existing capacity before expanding. We had completely utilized our annual 2,400 metric ton capacity and that is the reason the expansion was planned and successfully implemented within the time frame allotted.”
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