HYB Introduces Its KM Series

HYB Introduces Its KM Series

HYB claims its KM series toner cartridges from HYB have garnered significant acclaim in the market. Featuring the TN 328/626 cartridges, infused with chemically prepared toner sourced from Japan, the KM series toner cartridges establish a new benchmark for exceptional printing quality.

Crafted by HYB’s expert team, the KM Series assures unmatched performance and reliability. “Our rigorous testing procedures ensure that our meticulously developed formula maintains a particle size of 7.2-7.5 μm, ensuring consistent performance across diverse machines, accommodating various requirements in coverage, colors, and glossiness,” stated HYB’s spokesperson.

HYB Introduces Its KM Series

In response to the European market’s needs, HYB has innovated patented cartridges that have successfully passed stringent testing protocols.

HYB Introduces Its KM Series

The KM Series has already garnered widespread positive feedback from industry professionals and discerning customers worldwide, according to HYB.

“As HYB continues to innovate, we remain steadfast in our commitment to providing printing solutions that are efficient, dependable, and environmentally conscious,” affirmed HYB’s spokesperson.



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